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Internet-Related Business Transactions


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Internet-Related Business Transactions

The Internet has created a unique medium for business attorneys like us, one where business transaction law can be digitally practiced. Our internet attorneys are grounded firmly in business law, and continue to counsel clients of all sizes through the negotiation, drafting, and enforcement of business contracts and transactions both on and offline.

From review of existing agreements to drafting of key business contracts including SaaS and Subscription Agreements and ongoing general counsel, the Firm's Internet and business law attorneys are prepared to assist with protecting intellectual property and mitigating future business risks.

  • Licensing Agreements
  • Source Code Agreements
  • SaaS and Subscription Agreements
  • IP & Technology-Related Transactions
  • Website Design Agreements
  • Domain Name Transactions
  • Internet-Related Business Contracts
  • Software Development Agreements
  • Software Acquisition Agreements
  • End-User License Agreements (EULA)

Our Internet and business lawyers work on many different types of matters, ranging from complex business disputes and business defamation to domain name issues and everything in between. Although most disputes can only be engaged on an hourly rate due to the unknown outcomes and complexities, many contractual and licensing matters can be clearly defined and may support a transparent fixed-fee agreement.



SaaS and Subscription Agreements

Businesses online have quickly realized the power of subscription-based services for both physical and digital products, especially software as a service (SaaS). Recurring, consistent revenue clearly comes with its perks for businesses of all sizes and it's hard to find an online business model that isn't based on either capturing page views  for marketing or providing products/services on a subscription basis. Our Internet business attorneys understand the business models and revenue drivers of subscription-based businesses and can ensure these core business agreements are enforceable, effective, and legal.

  • Complying with CA Automatic Renewal Law
  • Complying with Restoring Online Shopper's Confidence Act
  • Enforcement / Defense of Subscription Agreements
  • Drafting of Original SaaS / Subscription Agreements
  • Review of existing Agreements
  • Complying with Privacy Laws

Domain Name Transactions

Our experienced domain name attorneys have defended and enforced the domain name rights of businesses of all sizes and can act as a strategic resource and advisor for domain name transactions. Contact us if a domain name transaction attorney can assist with the proper transaction process including but not limited to:

  • Domain Name Escrow
  • Domain Name Purchases Negotiations
  • General Domain Name Transaction Counsel
  • High-Value Domain Names
  • Domain Name Portfolios
  • Business Purchases Including Domain Names

Internet-Related Contracting

Our Internet Attorneys are business lawyers who understand how to apply business law fundamentals to specific and dynamic online transactions. Anything (legal) can be agreed upon between parties and our team can draft or review any type of contract or agreement. Let us help protect your business and enforce the terms of an agreement. From review of an existing documents to custom drafting of specific contracts and licensing agreement, our Internet attorneys know online business contracting.

  • Software Consulting Agreements
  • Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) Agreements
  • Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) Agreements
  • Social Media Management Agreements
  • End User License Agreements (“EULAs”)
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Website Design Agreements
  • Beta Testing Agreements
  • Distribution, Resale, Trial/Evaluation Agreements



Software Development Agreements ("SDA")

A carefully-constructed software development agreement is extremely important in the early phases of software development. Clearly outlining the relationship and and terms are just as important as hiring the right person or company. A sufficient agreement will dictate much more than just the process, price, and timeline. When it comes to software, intellectual property is everything. Our internet attorneys have the expertise to ensure the intellectual property inherent in your software is protected and remains with you when your developer delivers it upon completion.

  • Review of developer-proposed SDA's
  • Drafting of custom SDA's
  • Updating previously-used SDA's
  • Enforcement of executed SDA's

Licensing Agreements

A software license agreement gives a licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use software. A software license agreement defines how that software can be used and what happens in the event of breach. No matter your industry, the intellectual property underlying your business is one of the most important assets you have. Whether it is a product, a patent, a brand, or a piece of software, any licensing agreement must balance the need for your licensee to utilize and monetize your asset, while at the same time protecting its integrity. It often takes creative solutions to achieve this balance and our experienced business attorneys understand the give and take needed to come to the mutually-beneficial solutions necessary in a well-structured license agreement.

  • Trademark licensing agreements
  • Patent licensing agreements
  • Open source licensing agreements
  • Software licensing agreements
  • Product licensing agreements
  • White label agreements

IP & Technology-Related Transactions

While the purchase of an existing piece of intellectual property will save you time in developing brand recognition or gaining proof of concept, the purchase comes with additional risks. Our intellectual property attorneys have the experience and expertise to assist you from the vetting and due diligence process all the way through closing. Our counsel doesn't end when the agreements are signed, we can help support your business plan and protect your intellectual property moving forward including IP-related transactions.

Acquisitions and Sales of Internet-Based Businesses

Business transactions including purchases, sales and mergers are a core business element of business law. Our business lawyers work with individuals and businesses of all sizes in navigating the intricate process of an acquisition or sale of entire businesses through both asset purchases and stock purchases. Our team provides comprehensive counsel throughout the entire process including assessment, valuation, negotiations, drafting of agreements, transaction assistance, and enforcement of terms. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how our Internet business lawyers can counsel you through a smooth acquisition or sale.