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Value-Based Billing

Aligning Legal Services With Legal Solutions

Although the billable hour is still used by the majority of attorneys (including us for matters that are dynamic, difficult to clearly define the deliverable, or dispute-related), we believe in transparent, clear pricing for those matters where we can define the deliverable or legal service requested. 

Depending on your unique matter and overall goals, as well as budget, our billing methods are transparent and clear upfront, so we can effectively and efficiently resolve the dispute, effectuate a transaction, or deliver on a fixed-fee.

How We Bill  - Transparent Legal Services

PRELIMINARY matter ASSESSMENT ($250-$2,500)

Depending on the type of matter, a preliminary assessment may be the first logical step in addressing what most of our clients ask upfront, "what are my options and how much is it going to cost?" For most internet-related disputes our first step is to ask a lot of questions and spend some time assessing potential hurdles, issues, or opportunities. We usually refer to this assessment as "Phase I" in our relationship. An initial assessment accomplishes two things:

  1.  It gives our team the opportunity to assess how deep the "rabbit hole" goes, who we are up against if its a dispute, and objectively consider the feasibility of accomplishing the desired outcome of the client within budget
  2. Gives you, the client, a transparent assessment of your options and possible outcomes while also gaining insight into the potential costs and hurdles that may exist moving forward, prior to committing to a potentially costly dispute or litigation process.

FIXED FEE / FLAT RATE (matter specific)

Our Internet and business lawyers work on many different types of matters, ranging from complex business disputes and business defamation to domain name issues and everything in between. Although most disputes can only be engaged on an hourly rate due to the unknown outcomes, complexities, and opposing counsel actions, many Internet-law matters can be clearly defined.

As part of our transparent value-based billing policy, we offer a set of legal services where we can confidently define the deliverable and can offer these services on a fixed-fee basis. This includes flat-fee services including:

  • Website Legal Protection Packages
  • Certain Contracts & Transactions
  • Domain Name Dispute Assessments
  • Filing of WIPO / UDRP Complaints
  • U.S. and International Trademark Applications
  • U.S. Copyright Applications
  • U.S. Trademark Searches (Basic & Comprehensive)


As much as we prefer to work on a fixed-rate basis, there are plenty of reasons it might make more sense to utilize a more traditional hourly billing structure. Our hourly rates are just as upfront and transparent as our fixed billing where the rate is based on either the type of activity, the level of complexity of the matter, and the level of expertise required.

There are many situations when the true scope of the project/issue cannot be clearly defined prior to diving into the matter. Attorney hourly billing rates for Internet and business law-related matters range from $225 to $450 an hour depending on a wide range of factors. Hourly billing against a retainer is most common for:

  • Business disputes that are dynamic and complex
  • Defense of certain disputes and litigation cases
  • Complex business transactions and agreements
  • Highly-customized website disclaimers and policies including ToU's
  • Dynamic ongoing general counsel services


As true believers in providing value to our clients, our performance-based contingency fee option is fairly unique to the legal industry. In specific cases, our Internet attorneys may, at their discretion, offer to work with clients on specific matters without any upfront or ongoing legal costs to the client (other than a small assessment fee). In situations where the project scope is clearly defined and a "successful outcome" can be agreed upon, a success fee would be due upon successful completion of the project or resolution of the matter at hand.

In such a relationship, we may insist on holding the full success fee amount in escrow upfront. Should our team not be able to deliver the agreed upon solution as defined, no fee would be paid by the client. "Performance-Based" Contingency Billing is under consideration for certain domain-name disputes after a comprehensive assessment has been performed by our team.


Fixed-Fee eBusiness Legal Services

Flat-rate upfront pricing for definable matters

The following outline the majority of our fixed-fee services as well as outline the starting point for hourly-based disputes and litigation matters. Feel free to contact us to get a custom quote. 

  • Website Legal Review
  • Basic Website Legal Package
  • Comprehensive Website Legal Package
  • Domain Name Dispute Assessment
  • Filing of UDRP Complaint
  • Responding to UDRP Complaint (hourly not-to-exceed)
  • Trademark Assessments
  • Trademark Registrations (word & image marks)
  • Copyright Registrations

Please note that our Pricing Disclaimer applies to all of the following flat-fee packages below.

Website Legal Protection Packages*

Website Legal Review ($295.00)*

  • 30 Minute Initial Consultation
  • Comprehensive Website Legal Review
  • Summary Website Report
  • Fee Can Be Credited to Website Package

Basic Website Package ($995.00)*

  • 30 Minute Initial Consultation
  • Comprehensive Website Legal Review
  • Custom Website Privacy Policy
  • Website Legal Best Practices Memo
  • Closing Call Reviewing All

Premium Website Package ($1,795.00)*

  • 30 Minute Initial Consultation
  • Comprehensive Website Legal Review
  • Custom Website Privacy Policy
  • Custom Website Terms of Use
  • Website Copyright (DMCA) Policy
  • Registration as Agent for DMCA Policy
  • Basic Wordmark Trademark Assessment 
  • Website Legal Best Practices Memo
  • Closing Call Reviewing All

other Requirements (additional fee)

  • Web Accessibility and the Disability Discrimination Act
  • The Data Protection Act
  • Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations
  • Electronic Commerce Regulations (EC Directive)
  • Adhearing to The EU Anti Spam & Cookie Laws

*Not All Websites Qualify - For moral, legal, and professional reasons, there are some websites that are ineligible. These include sites with illegal content or an illegal business model as well as those sites that have an elevated exposure to disputes or substantial users/visitors (as we determine).

Domain Name Dispute Assessment


Domain disputes arise for many different reasons with different types of parties. Our attorney's ability to assist with a domain dispute depends on a wide-range of different factors and an initial Domain Name Dispute Assessment allows our team the ability to do a preliminary review of the strength of your case. What you'll get with our Domain Name Assessment:

  • Review of domain ownership history and dispute
  • Confirmation of registrar accounts and history
  • Assessment of related / opposing parties
  • Assessment of geographic conflicts (location of parties)
  • Summary of options available and estimated costs of proceeding with legal action
  • Memo and short consultation related to findings


Filing a UDRP Complaint (Single Panelist)

$6,500 - $9,500

If someone has registered a domain name in a generic top-level domain (gTLD) operated under contract with ICANN that you believe may be infringing on your trademark, you may be able to file a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) proceeding against the registrant.

The UDRP provides a mandatory, administrative procedure primarily to resolve claims of abusive, bad faith domain name registration. In other situations, disputes may need to be resolved by traditional means such as voluntary negotiation and lawsuits. The UDRP is only available for gTLDs operated under contract with ICANN.

The UDRP is a unique dispute resolution mechanism with its own policies, procedures, and standards.Filing a strong UDRP complaint is something that takes proper due diligence, a clear presentation of supporting facts, properly including annexures, and paying a filing fee of $1,500 to the WIPO (per complaint). 

  • Detailed due diligence and research into domain name history
  • Legal and case research
  • Intellectual Property Assessment and chain of ownership
  • Research on disputed domain and owner
  • Development of Supporting Facts and Material
  • Preparation of Annexures
  • Electronic Filing of UDRP with the WIPO Center
  • Paying a hard cost filing fee of $1,500 to the WIPO (for a single panelist; included in our fixed-fee)

Fee includes 1 disputed domain name (within a single complaint). Up to five domains may be included if feasible. Total cost includes WIPO filing fee of $1,500 (the fee consists of an amount to be retained by the WIPO Center as an administration fee and an amount to be paid to a Panelist). Additional domain names require additional WIPO filing fees. Three Panelists WIPO filing fees start at $4,000 not including our legal fee.

Note: If a party loses a UDRP proceeding, in many jurisdictions it may still bring a lawsuit against the domain name registrant under local law. For example, the administrative panel's UDRP decision can be challenged and overturned in a U.S. court of law by means of e.g. the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. If a domain name registrant loses a UDRP proceeding, it must file a lawsuit against the trademark holder within ten days to prevent ICANN from transferring the domain name.


Responding to a UDRP Complaint (Single Panelist)

$2,500 - $5,000+ Billed Hourly

If you have maintained up-to-date contact information with your domain registrar then you will receive e-mail notice that a UDRP has been filed against a domain for which you or your business is listed as registrant. There is very limited time to respond and the case will proceed to judgment even if you are not able to respond within the timeframe. 

Not responding to a UDRP Complaint is seldom advised (but under certain circumstances) as a failure to respond may be a future threat to your business. Not even considering that a UDRP loss can be used by a future complainant to show bad faith on other domain names you may own, it could also demonstrate to others (cybersquatters, etc.) that there's no going to be an anticipate fight in any way. A non-response could encourage other companies to file UDRP cases for other names you own, logically considering you won't defend your rights to other domain names.


Basic U.S. Trademark Search


Our basic trademark search includes a preliminary trademark law phone consultation with a trademark attorney, a USPTO TESS search and analysis for conflicting word marks, and a short attorney email and/or phone call outlining findings and suggested next steps. In the event Client desires further analysis and a more comprehensive search, the fee can be used as a credit towards a Comprehensive Trademark Search (see below).


Comprehensive U.S. Trademark Search


Favorable registerability opinion results in option to file mark for only $225 USPTO fee per class

The comprehensive search encompasses the USPTO and state trademark databases using an industry-leading 3rd party search firm. The search includes spelling variations and iterations of your proposed trademark. The Comprehensive Trademark Search includes the following:

  • Professional outsourced fee to third-party search firm
  • Robust search of spelling variations and different iterations of proposed trademark
  • Attorney time for in-depth review and extensive analysis of the detailed trademark search results
  • Attorney opinion letter explaining the trademark search results
  • Telephone consultation with attorney to review the results and propose filing strategy (or restrictions)
  • Attorney advise on possible trademark variations and alternatives

If our trademark attorneys complete the assessment and the analysis yields a high probability for the USPTO to accept the registrations, then we will prepare and file a federal trademark application for only the additional cost of the USPTO filing fee of $225 (per class). Please allow 10 - 14 business days after ordering Comprehensive Trademark search. Please contact us if you would like to request an expedited search.


U.S. Or International Trademark Applications

$750.00 single class

Our flat-fee trademark attorneys will prepare and file a federal trademark application, with no hidden fees. Although a Comprehensive Trademark Search is always recommended, some clients simply prefer to take this "shut up and file" approach. No guarantee is made the filing will be accepted by the USPTO, and all filing fees are non-refundable.

  • Basic U.S. Trademark Search
  • Attorney Consultation Time
  • Review and Confirmation of First Use in Commerce
  • Drafting and Filing of Trademark Application
  • Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions
  • Sending Registration Certificate

Includes single word or image mark within a single class, additional classes $450 per class.  Fee does not include additional international classes, substantive office action responses, statement of use filings or extensions, or opposition proceedings any of which could arise during the application process. Statement of Use Fee (for marks not currently in use): $195


U.S. Copyright Application

Starting at $350.00

Protect original works of authorship by registering a copyright and establishing a public record necessary to enforce your rights as copyright holder. Registering a copyright with us includes includes review of your copyright application, consultation on the work(s) being registered and electronic filing of your application with the U.S. Copyright Office.

*The U.S. Copyright Office provides a "standard application" and "single application" option for claims filed via its electronic registration system. Eligibility for the single application is limited to claims that satisfy specific criteria.


Business disputes effect all sizes of companies including individual entrepreneurs, growing start ups, and established businesses. Enforcing and protecting your operations may require formal legal action. Should mediation, arbitration, or litigation proceedings be required our litigation team will request a specific hourly-based litigation agreement and an initial retainer upfront.

The hourly rate charged and amount of retainer required is dependent on the specific matter, applicable damages, and other factors. Our litigation team will provide a good-faith estimate of approximate legal fees, filing costs, and other expenses related to aggressive litigation representation.

Hourly rate for business disputes and litigation matters range between $325 and $425 depending on the matter and attorney(s) assigned as counsel.

Minimum Litigation Retainer

$5,000.00 - $15,000.00

Our general business and internet law counsel is billed hourly for all matters where a clear and definitive scope of work cannot be defined. The hourly rate charged for such matters varies depending on the attorney assigned to your matter, the complexity of the work, and other factors that are determined by both the client and the matter(s) at hand. Upon learning more about your goals and overall scope of counsel, our team will be able to provide you with information related to our hourly billing rates.

Business and Internet Attorney Hourly Work

$275.00 - $425.00 / Hr


Pricing Disclaimer

All prices, fixed-fees, and services described on this website are for information purposes only. Each package will have a cap on the number of hours available under the package (contact us to learn more about hour caps). The packages are not offers to perform legal services. The scope, price, and hour cap of the packages are matter-specific and may change at any time and/or may be declined at any time.