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Strategic Internet & Business Law Counsel

The Internet and digital property rights lawyers at Panakos Law, APC defend and enforce the intellectual property rights of businesses, entrepreneurs, photographers, and content creators. Our small firm provides comprehensive legal services by internet transactional attorneys, litigation lawyers, and intellectual property attorneys.

We are an interdisciplinary commercial-law practice based in San Diego, CA with an international reach. From domain disputes to intellectual property registrations and business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, our counsel is comprehensive yet specialized. We believe in transparent, value-based billing. Our attorneys practice in courts throughout the United States, before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and in front of domain name arbitration boards.

Who We Are

The Internet.Lawyer is the Internet Law division of Panakos Law, APC. Our attorneys have extensive experience both representing clients that own and operate internet-based businesses but have first-hand experience themselves operating their own, so you can be sure that our advice is not only legally sound, but pragmatic and in the context of the operation of your business.

Our internet lawyers are business attorneys practicing in today's online and digital world of business. We protect, enforce, and defend businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes through the tangled web of dynamic internet laws and best practices. From preventative internet law counsel to complex commercial litigation, the Internet lawyers with Panakos Law, APC understand your business and understand how to navigate the interconnected paths of business online.

We are a small and specialized team of Internet and business attorneys that can effectively counsel our clients with highly-tailored legal services for the dynamic online business marketplace. The Firm's reach is broad, but our team is solidly grounded in business and corporate law, including corporate structuring, contracts and transactions, private securities law, intellectual property, and complex litigation. 

Small Firm Relationships. Large Firm Results.

Who We Represent

Our team are business and intellectual property lawyers first and foremost. The internet world is a digital extension of business and intellectual property law where our legal counsel has a broad yet defined environment of restrictions. Our counsel extends to both large corporations and small business owners as well as entrepreneurs and creatives. We work with each client differently, as both goals and the budget of each client varies greatly. The Firm's representation for both business and Internet-law related matters includes:

  • Application Developers
  • Technology Startups
  • Emerging Growth Companies
  • Photographers
  • Digital Marketing Companies
  • ISP's / Hosts
  • Content Producers
  • Privately-Held Corporations
  • Small Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Website Owners
  • e-Commerce Companies
  • Domainers
  • Advertisment & Traffic Brokers

Value-Based Billing

Although the billable hour is still used by the majority of attorneys (including us for matters that are dynamic, difficult to clearly define the deliverable, or dispute-related), we believe in transparent, clear pricing for those matters where we can define the deliverable or legal service requested. Depending on your unique matter and overall goals, as well as budget, our billing methods are transparent and clear upfront, so we can effectively and efficiently resolve the dispute, effectuate a transaction, or deliver on a fixed-fee.

preliminary assessment ($250-$2,500)

Depending on the type of matter, a preliminary assessment may be the first logical step in addressing what most of our clients ask upfront, "what are my options and how much is it going to cost?" For most internet-related disputes our first step is to ask a lot of questions and spend some time assessing potential hurdles, issues, or opportunities. An initial assessment accomplishes two things:

  1. It gives our team the opportunity to assess how deep the "rabbit hole" goes, who we are up against, and objectively consider the feasibility of accomplishing the desired outcome of the client within budget;
  2. It gives you, the client, a transparent assessment of your options and possible outcomes while also gaining insight into the potential costs and hurdles that may exist moving forward, prior to committing to a potentially costly dispute or litigation process.


Our Internet and business lawyers work on many different types of matters, ranging from complex business disputes and business defamation to domain name issues and everything in between. Although most disputes can only be engaged on an hourly rate due to the unknown outcomes, complexities, and opposing party actions, many Internet-law matters can be clearly defined.

As part of our transparent value-based billing policy, we offer a set of legal services where we can confidently define the deliverable and can offer these services on a fixed-fee basis. This includes flat-fee services including but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Website Legal Protection Packages (Basic & Premium)
  • Cease and Desist Letters (Initial)
  • Domain Name Dispute Assessments
  • Filing of WIPO Complaints (Limited in Scope)
  • U.S. and International Trademark Applications
  • U.S. Copyright Applications
  • U.S. Trademark Searches (Basic & Comprehensive)


As much as we prefer to work on a fixed-rate basis, there are plenty of reasons it might make more sense to utilize a more traditional hourly billing structure. Our hourly rates are just as upfront and transparent as our fixed billing where the rate is based on either the type of activity, the level of complexity of the matter, and the level of expertise required. There are many situations when the true scope of the project/issue cannot be clearly defined prior to diving into the matter. Attorney hourly billing rates for Internet and business law-related matters range from $225 to $450 an hour depending on a wide range of factors. Hourly billing against a retainer is most common for:

  • Business disputes that are dynamic and complex
  • Defense of certain disputes and litigation cases
  • Complex business transactions and agreements
  • Dynamic ongoing general counsel services

"performance-based" CONTINGENCY BILLING

As true believers in providing value to our clients, our performance-based contingency fee option is fairly unique to the legal industry. In specific cases, our Internet attorneys may, at their discretion, offer to work with clients on specific matters without any upfront or ongoing legal costs to the client (other than a small assessment fee).

In situations where the project scope is clearly defined and a "successful outcome" can be agreed upon, a success fee would be due upon successful completion of the project or resolution of the matter at hand. In such a relationship, we may insist on holding the full success fee amount in escrow upfront. Should our team not be able to deliver the agreed upon solution as defined, no fee would be paid by the client. "Performance-Based" Contingency Billing may be considered for certain domain-name disputes after a comprehensive assessment has been performed by our team.